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How do Perceptual Insights™ Psychological Consultations and Focus Groups work?

Perceptual Insights™ Psychological Consultations allow you to access Ed’s thirty years of experience and knowledge in a personalized, confidential manner. Our Focus Groups provide individuals the freedom to explore their thoughts and feelings in a relaxed environment and express them in a creative, tangible form.

What happens in our focus groups?

We transform a normal conference room environment into a multi-dimensional portal for accessing the mind and body in a relaxed, comfortable way. A series of deep relaxation techniques are integrated with visualizations and other sensory stimulation that ultimately lead to creative expression. That output takes the form of words, body language, and artistic representations that bypass the usual controls of the conscious mind (ego).

How long does it take?

Every project is customized to the client’s needs. A basic research module includes two focus groups of two to three hours each followed by a debrief session of two to three hours. The entire project can be completed within several days.

What is Perceptual Insights™ role?

We prepare the room, bring the necessary materials and facilitate the entire process.

What is your role?

You pre- screen, recruit, schedule, and incentivize the participants you wish to investigate. Customarily, you provide some refreshments of light snacks and water.

Do you use Groups or Individuals?

Groups are powerful because they cross individualized boundaries and unify the understanding of your target audience. Groups also allow for follow up; whether it be a more tightly focused group with more specific criteria, or an individual session with someone whose special characteristics are of interest to you. Every Perceptual Insights™ session is totally customizable to your need and budget.

How much does it Cost?

Perceptual Insights™ Psychological Consultations are billed hourly or based on a predetermined fee. Focus Group Moderation costs about the same as traditional focus groups with the option to customize based on the depth of the investigation.

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